Trading Card Vending Machine - Corridor Cards

🌟 The Journey of Our Trading Card Vending Machine🌟

From a simple frustration to a thriving community hub, the story of our trading card vending machine is one of true collector's spirit and dedication.

Tired of finding shelves picked clean at local stores, we dreamed of a better way to ensure all collectors had access to the newest releases and the thrill of discovery. Our quest led us 300 miles away to an old tire shop in Illinois, where we found the perfect machine waiting for its second chance.

With a rented truck, determination, and visions of shiny Pokémon and rare sports cards in our heads, we embarked on a journey back to Coralville. Upon arrival, the real work began. Testing, cleaning, and dreaming of the potential, we partnered with the local sign wizards at Nesper Sign, who transformed this once forgotten machine into a beacon for collectors with a stunning vinyl wrap.

Now, standing proudly, our vending machine offers something unique: the chance at the newest releases and specialty packs, ensuring every visit feels like the excitement of opening a new pack - you never know what treasures you'll find inside.

Join us in celebrating the journey, the community, and the endless possibilities of what lies within. Because here, the magic of collecting is alive and well, and it's waiting for you.

📍 Visit us in Coralville and let the adventure begin!